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ZC4 Award

ZC4 Award – special certificate for award chasers

The certificate is available to both TX/SWL for contact with ZC4 stations from 1988 onwards. This award is available in 3 classes with various band/mode endoresements.

Class 3 (Easy) Two x ZC4 contacts (same station on two bands counts)

Class 2 (Hard) Five x ZC4 contacts (as above but at least 2 different callsigns)

Class 1 (Tough) Ten x ZC4 contacts (as above but at least 3 different callsigns)


No QSL’s required, just a signed declaration having worked/heard the ZC4 callsigns including callsign/date/band/mode.

Cost of certificate is $10 US or £8 sterling which includes postage. Payment via Paypal is also an option for online applications.

Please use the contact form on the main page for further details.


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