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From humble beginnings ……

1st Project – cheeseboard and cheese knife – Spalted Beech (platter) and Laurel (handle)

2nd Project – Chapati board for my good friend Saj …. well, for his mum 🙂 – spalted beech again as I love the texture

3rd Project – Rolling pin out of beech – to go with the Chapati board above

4th Project – first bowl out of spalted beech – just made the shape up as I went along

5th Project – another cheeseboard and this time in Ash – working against end grain – sharp tools and lots of sanding

6th Project – Chip and Dip platter – new wood, sycamore this time, lots of beeswax oil on the finish

7th Project – Tealight holder – sycamore (tough wood)

8th Project – My first pen made out of Olive wood

9th Project – Pens, the goal I had set myself and delighted with the results ….

The Collection
Lovely grain on the thinny
Close up of the thinny

Thanks to my good friend Chris C who sent me some lovely blanks in the mail including some burr and also some gold leaf. Chris also offered a ton of advise and after watching a few YouTube videos I attempted to make a few pens embedded with gold.

Latest project has been a test run using “live edge” and have attempted a goblet. Learned a lot doing this and will have another attempt once I can source some more “branch”.

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