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General Garden

Tidy up time and prepare for the winter.

Continue planting spring bulbs but leave tulips till next month.

Continue collecting seeds.

Clear planters of old crops entirely.

Water plants a lot more sparingly now.

Vegetable Planters

Plant garlic, onions, winter lettuce, broad beans, peas and spring cabbages this month or next month (from the greenhouse)

Fruit Cage

Cut fruited stems of blackberries and autumn raspberries down to the ground.

Growing in the Greenhouse

Sow sweet peas into deep pots for early flowers next summer

Depending how well the tomatoes are, it might be worth cutting them to ripen indoors, remove any faded and/or discoloured leaves also any really small tomatoes and flowers that wont fruit before the weather changes.


Harvest any remaining fruit – apples and pears.


OctoberAsparagus – cut down when foliage yellows
Week 2Blackberries – prune when fruting is complete
Week 2Strawberries – buy runners
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) – begin to harvest
Week 3Broad Beans – sow seeds outside for an early crop
Week 4Rhubarb – plant crowns up to end of February
Week 4Spinach (autumn sown) – begin to harvest
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