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General Garden

General garden, planter and greenhouse tidy up. Plant up bare-rooted trees and shrubs throughout November.

Dig over the vegetable patch and leave soil in large clumps for the weather to break it down.

Plant tulip bulbs.

Vegetable Planters

Good month for planting garlic. Same with broad beans if it is not too wet. Hardy peas like meteor can also go in now.

Check staked brussels sprouts

Plant garlic, onions and shallots and cover in fleece.

Fruit Cage

Pruning time for raspberries, blackberries and hybrid berries. Also apples and pears and place some compost and some bonemeal at their base.

Plant bare rooted canes.

Growing in the Greenhouse

You can continue rotating sowing of winter salad crops.

Avoid splashing foliage as it will dry slowly.

Clear out faded tomato and cucumber plants and add to compost heap


Leeks should be getting ready around now and possibly brussels sprouts. Also check the winter cabbages and cauliflowers.

Celery and spinach may also be ready to harvest.


Nov to FebBlackberries – buy and plant (up to end February)
Week 3Brussels Sprouts – begin to harvest
Week 3Garlic – autumn planting
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