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March is the busy month, the weather is beginning to warm up so plenty of sowing and even repotting.

General Garden

Finish deadheading, trim roses back a bit more.

Don’t forget to prune buddleia, hydrangea and wisteria.

Bulb plants such as dahlia and lilies can be planted.

Vegetable Planters

Plant early potatoes, onions and asparagus. Top off with slow release fertiliser. Plant carrots, turnips, beetroot under cloches.

Broad beans can be planted directly.

Place the cloche down over well watered drills prior to sowing. Remember to water weekly. Direct sow onions and replace cloche.

Mid-March – plant potatoes

Fruit Cage

Last chance to plant bare rooted fruit trees until November.

Good month for planting cane fruits (raspberries etc). Top off with fertiliser like fish, blood & bone.

Growing in the Greenhouse

Sow celery, aubergines, courgettes, leeks, lettuce, radish, parsnips, spinach, beetroot, turnips, tomatoes and cucumbers for planting out once all danger of frost has passed.

Most herb plants can be started now.

Sow wildflower seeds in trays.


Remove the last of the leeks and parsnips now. Also the last of the late brussels sprouts, cauliflower and swedes.


Week 1Asparagus – sow seeds inside
Week 1Broad Beans – sow seeds outside in spring
Weeks 1 – 2Carrot – sow seed of early varieties under cloches
Week 2Brussels Sprouts – sow seed of early varieties
Week 2Garlic – plant in late winter / spring
Week 2Peas / mangetout – start to sow seeds of early types outdoors
Week 2Rhubarb – start to harvest
Week 2Tomatoes – sow seed inside
Week 3Asparagus – apply spring fertiliser
Week 3Spring Onions – start to sow fortnightly
Week 3Peas / mangetout – sow maincrop seeds outdoors
Week 3Spinach – sow seed outside
Week 4Beetroot – sow seeds under cloches
Week 4Broad Beans – transplant pot grown plants to open ground
Week 4Brussels Sprouts – thin seedlings as they appear
Week 4Onions – sow seed outdoors
Week 4Potatoes – plant out sprouted sets
Week 4Chilli plants / Sweet Peppers – pot up
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