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June is the month of 3 main jobs – weed, water and feed – and do it often.

Support tall plants and bushes laden with fruit.

This is also the last month for sowing most crops as we go past the longest day of the year.

Vegetable Planters

Runner beans should begin to climb the stakes now.

Plant out sweetcorn.

Direct sowing of most vegetables into drills.

Water if the soil is dry 2″ below the surface – add Tomorite to the water (weekly).

Fruit Cage

Water fruit bushes – a good soaking rather than a sprinkle.

Use canes to support bushes if the crop is heavy.

Growing in the Greenhouse

Liquid feed (Tomorite) weekly – if you have not already added a controlled release fertiliser.

Tomatoes – keep pinching off the side shoots – look out for aphids.

Sow herbs in pots.

Plant out tender vegetables.


June is a good month for harvesting onions – just as the leaves turn yellow.


JuneBlackcurrants – water
JuneGooseberries – water
Week 1Asparagus – stop harvesting
Week 1Carrot (early) – harvest those sown under cloches
Week 1Peas / mangetout – harvest early types sown outdoors
Week 1Chillies and Sweet Peppers – harden off
Week 2Broad Beans – begin to harvest
Week 2Potatoes – potash feed fortnightly
Week 2Sweet Pepper – move to final position
Week 3 onCarrot – harvest as they become ready
Week 3Cauliflower (autumn) – plant outside
Week 3Spinach – havest spring grown leaves
Week 4Cauliflower (autumn) – begin weekly feed
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