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General Garden

July is the growing month and flowering, a time for managing it all.

Weed, feed, dead-head and check for pests (including roses)

Weekly doses of Tomatorite – potatoes love it !!!

Water and feed sweet peas regularly, pick the flowers every few days and remove seed pods to prolong flowering.

Tie up climbers to stakes

Vegetable Planters

Water plants – ideally early in the morning and last thing in the evening

Direct sowing into well watered drills (most vegetables) – leeks, lettuce, peas, french beans, beetroot, carrots, radishes and turnips (for an autumn crop).

Pinch tops out of broad beans (they attract blackfly)

Weed everything out of the planters

Fruit Cage

Don’t forget to water the bushes – a good soaking rather than a sprinkle. Lay a thick mulch of garden compost around their base to hold in moisture.

Use strawberry runners to grow new plants

Growing in the Greenhouse

Damp down greenhouse floor every morning on hot days.

Water plants first thing in the morning, especially tomatoes but NOT chilli plants – DO NOT water at the hottest time of the day.

Consider covering the windows to stop plants from getting sun damage.

Keep pinching off side shoots of tomatoes and keep an eye open for aphids, whitefly and red spider mite.


Spuds should be ready around now.


Week 1Broccoli (sprouting) early varieties from cover – plant final position
Week 1Shallot – harvest some for immediate use
Week 1Shallot – stop watering
Week 2Broccoli (sprouting) early varieties from seed bed – plant final position
Week 2Broccoli (sprouting) late varieties from cover – plant final position
Week 2Courgettes – begin to harvest
Week 2Potatoes – plant sets for autumn harvest
Week 3Broccoli (sprouting) late varieties from seed bed – plant final position
Week 3Mustard – harvest seeds
Week 3Onions – stop watering
Week 3Peas / mangetout (maincrop) – harvest
Week 3Shallot – harvest / dry out for storage
Week 4Beetroot – begin to harvest
Week 4Cabbage (spring) – sow (pots / temporary bed)
Week 4French Beans (dwarf) – begin to harvest
Week 4Sweetcorn – begin to harvest
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