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New antenna for 10m and 6m

A first chance to play with 6m and at the same time, a decent antenna for 10m.

This is the Eantenna 2850MOX, a dual band Moxon antenna (2 + 3 elements) for 10m and 6m, ideal for Sporadic-E or DX. 

Not only for Sporadic-E QSOs on the bands 10 and 6m, the 2850MOX antenna made by EAntenna offers a high gain with very compact dimensions. This antenna features an additional third element for 6m, which leads to a particularly high gain on this band.

Gain 28MHz (8.3dBi) and 50MHz (10.5dBi) with around 30dB front to back

Weighing 6.2kilos and on top of a 20ft scaffold pole this was at the limit of what I could lift up on my own.

In just a short play this afternoon, I pointed the antenna towards South America and worked 11 different countries on that continent. Very impressed indeed.

Some of the antenna parts were rough and unfinished and the driven element needed the fibreglass reducing a good mm otherwise it would not go through the boom. Out with the file !

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