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Massive aurora over Filey

Thursday 23rd March 2023 saw the tail end of a CME “whip” past the earth which triggered an auroral event that lasted 18 hours. The corona was seen over Morayshire and the display was even observed in northern France and the channel islands.

After the rain clouds dispersed I took a chance and drove to Filey Country park and the aurora was immediately evident to the naked eye. What followed was 3 hours of absolute amazement and these are just 3 out of 200+ photographs taken “last night” and the early hours of this morning.

The Trig point (Cleveland way marker) on top of Filey Country Park
Sign post marking the path for the Cleveland way – Filey Country Park
Exposure time of only 4 seconds to bring out the structure of the aurora – this was visible to the naked eye – Filey Country Park

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