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Garden Bar

Perhaps my biggest DIY project yet …. garden planters and a fruit cage are one thing but a garden bar this is quite a challenge.

Here is the progress so far ….

Fascia done to two sides.

Soil to dig out on the left and replace with around a ton of white gravel. Then raise bbq to height of left side and fix a counter around the 3 sides. Add several shelves and then work on a roof. Once that is done, complete sanding down and then wood stain.

April 2021 – BBQ fitted and floor added – back edging covered
May 2021 – gas cylinder tucked nicely out of the way so more room in the bar area – still got stones to add to make it tidy

Timber arrives later in the week to make the roof and counters then finally, a sand and stain.

Getting there now … solar panel / lights to add and some bar signs ….. saving up for a pizza oven for the right hand side.

May 2021 – counter and back wall nicely stained
May 2021 – Roof is on mostly stained at this point …. the far left (gas) woodwork is also treated now
May 2021 – counter looking towards the inlaid concrete pavers for the eventual pizza oven
May 2021 – Today’s addition of a home made wine/spirit/glass rack

Just a few signs to add now and a floor sweep. Might sand and stain the front of the counter again but the whole ideas was a rustic appearance. This is the biggest DIY challenge I have taken on yet !

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