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Cobwebb / Inverted L performance (FT8 data mode)

Having replaced the Prosistel PST1524TV Vee beam with the G3TPW Cobwebb (ie the original design), tuned the antenna for cw/data segments, I am now checking the performance on each of the 5 bands at different times during the day.

In a word, I am delighted with the performance and may even contemplate entering the CQWW SSB contest next weekend as QRP using only 5 watts. I probably wont get much on 160/80/40 but I will give the inverted L a bit of a try also on 5 watts. Anything for a laugh !!!

So if G1G sounds weak to you during CQWW SSB 2022 then now you know why 🙂

20m performance – mid morning to late afternoon
10m performance – late afternoon
15m performance – 30 mins late afternoon

The following three screenshots are from the Inverted L antenna

40m performance – overnight
80m performance – overnight
160m performance – overnight

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