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September 2020 – hard graft building this but pleased with the results ๐Ÿ™‚
March 2021 – raspberry, gooseberry, red currant, black current, blackberry and strawberries …. weeding done !
March 2021 – two home made cold frames next to the fruit cage – just shifted them around to catch the afternoon sun – wow they are heavy !!
March 2021 – 3rd home made cold frame – raised one for taller plants
March 2021 – two (out of the 4) home made large planters – rhubarb is doing nicely
March 2021 – another 4 x 7ft vegetable planters
March 2021 – a tidy greenhouse with home made steps and two more planters (to the left). Planters need a few more coats of paint
March 2021 – chillies, tomatoes and cucumber under LED dayglow lights
March 2021 – Home made seed calendar – not a lot from October onwards ๐Ÿ˜‰
April 2021 – The Vegetable corner – a few more home built shallow planters and buckets of spuds !!
May 2021 – Compost bin made out of pallets with a hinged front
June 2021 – grapevine didn’t make it but almost everything else is nice and green
April 2022 – Painted “home made steps and planters” and 3 separate planters along the edge of the greenhouse with camera/motion detector watching the pond
April 2022 – veg planters in front of the greenhouse contain onions, shallots, sweetcorn and carrots
April 2022 – Another home made bit of furniture complete with wine drawer and rebuilt stone border

Looks like this new hobby is gathering pace – perhaps something positive that has come out of this Covid nightmare. It is all a learning experience but it will be epic to have some successes this season.

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