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General Garden

Main priority is protecting tender plants and keeping bird feeders topped up.

Make sure container plants do NOT dry out completely but DO water sparingly.

Plant bare rooted roses.

Turn over the compost heap.

Vegetable Planters

Make sure any vegetables do not get waterlogged.

Garlic can still be planted directly.

Support brussels sprouts with canes.

Fruit Cage

Take hardwood cuttings of soft fruit. Gooseberries, currants can all be propagated by cuttings inserted directly into the ground. Choose well ripened shoots of this years growth cutting them just below a bud and trimming to just above a bud. Black currants take them about 10 inches long and up to 15 inches for other fruit.

Plant thornless blackberries such as “Loch Ness”.

Prune blackcurrants once dormant removing about 25% of the old stem.

Growing in the Greenhouse

Onions can be grown in the greenhouse in modules. Heat does help.

Pinch out the tips of autumn sown sweet peas to encourage bushier growth.

Water plants but sparingly (don’t forget the strawberries !!!)

Check for pests.


Cabbages and cauliflower might be ready now together with brussels sprouts – start picking from the base upwards.


Dec – MarBlackcurrants – buy and plant (up to end February)
Dec – MarGooseberries – buy and plant (up to end February)
Dec – MarRaspberries – buy and plant (up to end February)
Dec – FebRaspberries (autumn fruiting) – prune
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