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General Garden

August is the first main harvest month and also the time to tidy up the garden.

Constantly check for aphids, slugs, mites etc.

Water rhododendrons while they are still flowering.

Water during dry spells, ideally from a water butt.

Collect seeds while deadheading.

Vegetable Planters

Spring cabbage, spring onions, peas, radish, spinach and hardy lettuce ready for Christmas.

Plant out cabbages and cauliflowers.

Mid month, stop outdoor tomatoes by pinching out the uppermost terminal shoot. Same with runner beans.

Tomatoes – pinch out side shoots as you only want fruit and not masses of foliage. Ensure they are regularly watered.

Fruit Cage

Keep on top of watering the bushes – decent watering rather than a sprinkle. Mulch in around base to retain moisture.

Protect autumn raspberries now (unless in a fruit cage)

Plant well rooted strawberry runners into new beds

Growing in the Greenhouse


Sweetcorn, tomatoes, peas, beans and also chillies and aubergines.


Week 1Garlic – begin to harvest
Week 1Onions – begin to harvest
Week 2Celery – begin to harvest
Week 2French Beans – begin to harvest climbing / pole
Week 2Runner Beans – begin to harvest
Week 3Raspberries (summer fruiting) – prune
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