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MIG is now under pc control using planetarium software

The MIG was open briefly tonight before the clouds rolled in and spoiled things. A great night though all the same and cracked a few problems.

  • Plate solving now sorted (using Sharpcap). Problem was the field of view not being wide enough – downloaded a narrow set of index files … sorted.
  • Using Sharpcap and Cartes du Ciel I am now plate solving various parts of the sky and “synching” the position in an effort to improve pointing accuracy. The more I do this the more success I will have getting the image into the centre of the screen.
  • Still need to find some decent imaging software for the Sony A7S. Using Sony Remote and Sony View I am limited to just 30 seconds exposure. I have a remote timer that extends that but would prefer to save images directly to laptop. Camranger might be a stop gap but batteries do not last long.
  • Next job – tidy cables (tie wrap) and screw the EQDIR mount to pc interface permanently in place. I can now be imaging inside 15 minutes – success !
  • Another job – finding best gain/exposure settings for the ZWO CMOS camera.
  • Finally, make a checklist so I can update my online imaging calendar.

Tonight was very productive 🙂

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