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With a desire to promote astrophotography I have set up a Facebook group called Astronomy Imaging UK to not only showcase what is possible from “backyard observatories” but also explain “how” it was achieved.

Having recently setup my own observatory, I will over the months to come be adding an astro-blog together with guides and tutorials then eventually, I will be running some practical workshops.

Please check the Tutorials area for the current selection of completed guides.

Stephen Bowden FRAS
STEM Ambassador for Royal Astronomical Society

Above is a photo of the MIG headquarters


SkyWatcher Equinox ED120 refractor with Moonlite dual speed focuser mod

William Optics Zenithstar 73 refractor + dedicated Full Frame field flattener

SkyWatcher Traveller 80mm refractor

Short tube 50mm guidescope (120mm focal length) + StarAid

HP Elitedesk mini pc with Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox providing full Remote control over a MESH network

NEQ6 Pro mount on a fixed pier under computer control using Cartes du Ciel

Canon 5DmkIII  (unmodded for widefield imaging)

Canon 6D (astromodified) + 2″ CLS-CCD filter

Canon 60D (astromodified) + CLS clip filter

ZWO ASI178MC  (CMOS for planetary, guiding and some deep sky)

Maxview Scopetronix DSLR  (x2 – one for 2″ the other 1.25″ for eyepiece projection and serious closeups)

2″ IKharos combined focal reducer and field flattener (cropped sensor)

Visual observation using Baader Hyperion zoom 8-24mm (and 2.5x Barlow) + assortment of eyepieces barlows

IP camera for realtime observation


Asus ZenWiFi XT8 with 2 addition nodes providing full coverage of about 1/2 acre on 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Mission Control:

32″ HP Envy all-in-one pc with 6 monitors running Windows 10 Professional

Windows Remote Desktop using Cartes du Ciel, CCD Ciel, Backyard EOS and Sharpcap

Image processing using Adobe Photoshop, ImagesPlus and Astro Art (also considering StarTools and APP)

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