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Partial Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse graced the UK on 25th October 2022. I managed to grab the solar scope, took 38GB of video and so far, just got one photo outContinue readingPartial Solar Eclipse

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Cobwebb / Inverted L performance (FT8 data mode)

Having replaced the Prosistel PST1524TV Vee beam with the G3TPW Cobwebb (ie the original design), tuned the antenna for cw/data segments, I am now checking the performance on each ofContinue readingCobwebb / Inverted L performance (FT8 data mode)

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New antennas at G4KIV/G1G

I had a “play” a few weeks ago in the RSGB DX contest. I only used morse code and I didn’t bother with 80m but still came 4th in theContinue readingNew antennas at G4KIV/G1G

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Garden Bar

Perhaps my biggest DIY project yet …. garden planters and a fruit cage are one thing but a garden bar this is quite a challenge. Here is the progress soContinue readingGarden Bar

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Muston Cinema

Thanks to my son, we have almost completed the build of Muston Cinema. 4k Projector and a 5:2:2 (Dolby Atmos) setup at the business end and acoustic panels on theContinue readingMuston Cinema

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Muston Lake

So barbeque season has begun and I have been wanting to get the garden looking nice. Working on filling two large stone flower beds – recently emptied, rebuilt, rotavated andContinue readingMuston Lake

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Muston Weather Station – sharing of data

Having relocated the weather station where it needs to be and recording more accurate information I have increased the sharing/reporting of weather data to other sites. Just made a presenceContinue readingMuston Weather Station – sharing of data

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MIG is now under pc control using planetarium software

The MIG was open briefly tonight before the clouds rolled in and spoiled things. A great night though all the same and cracked a few problems. Plate solving now sortedContinue readingMIG is now under pc control using planetarium software

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Welcome to the new website.

Lots of work still to be done and this will probably take place on cloudy evenings when I cannot do astrophotography 😉 JOBS completed ….. Full width theme selected –Continue readingWelcome to the new website.

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Sky conditions at observatory

Thanks to some great coding by First Light Optics, I now have a live (well hourly) feed for sky conditions at the observatory.

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