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  1. I submitted a message on another contact form I found from a google search that brought me to your scaryfish page. In case you didn’t get it there, here it is:

    Hi… I’m reaching out to every contact I can find related to ScaryFish. I’ve been looking for a full version of the game for a very long time, and Ahti’s website has been down since 2004. The version I have is the shareware version 2.4, and it’s the same copy I’ve been playing since I downloaded it from AOL back in the late 90s.

    I’d normally try to make more small talk, but every email address I’ve found so far has been dead, so please excuse the direct nature of this email. I’m really interested in HAM radio too, for what it’s worth.

    Here’s a snapshot of the ScaryFish download page before it went dead. It states version 2 is free, which is all I’m really looking for, I never played version 3. Any information you have would be appreciated though.


    Thanks, I hope this isn’t dead too

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Here is the link to my new page – not got round to playing it in earnest yet.


      However, I made contact with Ahti – that is the good news.

      The bad news is I don’t know if he continues to support Scaryfish but here is his contact details … Ahti R [pmpsoft@yahoo.com]

      I hope this helps 🙂


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