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Welcome to the new website.

Lots of work still to be done and this will probably take place on cloudy evenings when I cannot do astrophotography 😉

JOBS completed …..

Full width theme selected – will make viewing tutorials easier

6/10-18 – Cover photo now randomised from a large selection – each visit (or refresh) can load a different photo

7/10/18 – Added a page for each of the headings in addition to the drop down menus (Photography now shows bio, Astronomy includes an intro and the same for Amateur Radio.

8/10/18 – Polar alignment Tutorial completed

10/10/18 – Deep Sky Stacker Tutorial completed

10/10/18 – Target Calendar completed (will be increased over the year)

JOBS remaining …..


revamp – astro gallery

revamp – Backyard EOS tutorial

+ additional tutorials will follow ….


Amateur Radio>

add – Contest Calendar




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