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With a desire to promote astrophotography I have set up a Facebook group called Astronomy Imaging UK to not only showcase what is possible from “backyard observatories” but also explain “how” it was achieved.

Having recently setup my own observatory, I will over the months to come be adding an astro-blog together with guides and tutorials then eventually, I will be running some practical workshops.

Please check the Tutorials area for the current selection of completed guides.

Stephen Bowden FRAS
STEM Ambassador for Royal Astronomical Society

Above is a photo of the MIG headquarters


SkyWatcher Equinox ED120 refractor with Moonlite dual speed focuser mod + CCD

William Optics Zenithstar 73 refractor + DSLR

SkyWatcher Traveller 80mm refractor + LVI Smartguider for autoguiding

HP Elitedesk mini pc with Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox providing full Remote control over a MESH network – backup using SkyFi and iPad/phone

NEQ6 Pro mount on a fixed pier under computer control using Cartes du Ciel

Canon 5DmkIII  (unmodded for widefield imaging)

Canon 6D (astromodified) + 2″ CLS filter

ZWO ASI178MC  (CMOS for planetary, guiding and some deep sky)

2″ IKharos combined focal reducer and field flattener

Visual observation using Baader Hyperion zoom 8-24mm (and 2.5x Barlow) + assortment of eyepieces and 2.5x Barlow

Multiple IP cameras for realtime observation  {note: still in progress}


Netgear ORBI with 2 satellites providing full coverage of about 1/2 acre on 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Mission Control:

27″ DELL XPS all-in-one pc with 4 monitors running Windows 10 Professional

Windows Remote Desktop using Cartes du Ciel, CCD Ciel, Backyard EOS and Sharpcap

Image processing using Adobe Photoshop and Astro Panel (new)

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