September 16, 2018

Sky conditions at observatory

Thanks to some great coding by First Light Optics, I now have a live (well hourly) feed for sky conditions at the observatory.

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July 31, 2018

Progress is made

The new homepage is coming along nicely.   This will be a labour of love and expanding considerably over the months to come.   Five main areas:  those in black are populated (including the main headings), ones in red are still to do   Photography >Portfolios>Flickr >Portfolios>Gurushots >Portfolios>Pixoto >Portfolios>Viewbug   Astronomy >Astro Talks >MIG>The Observatory >MIG>Target Calendar >Tutorials>BackyardEOS >Tutorials>DeepSkyStacker >Tutorials>Polar Alignment >Tutorials>Subs & Frames   Amateur Radio >Contest Calendar > ZC4 Award   Muston Weather Station   Gallery>    

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July 29, 2018

New homepage under construction

New homepage under construction !!    

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